Metal sheet since 1963

Metalser was created 50 years ago to work in the metallurgy industry. In its early stages, it focused on craft metalwork construction applied also to industry and household.

Metal sheet plant

Over the years in Metalser we have entered the industrial machinery sector, making metal structures for bottling plants, bakeries, meat producers, large warehouses, labelling chains and factories of the pharmaceutical sector.

Our Machinery

Metalser’s metal sheet plant has the most modern machinery necessary for its work in the sector, without neglecting all the work and experience in industrial and private metalwork. We ensure that we have the latest machinery.

Warehouse in Barbera del Valles (Sabadell)

Our metal sheet plant has a 1,000 m2 warehouse in Barbera del Vallés, with a loading bay for large trucks. We have a 10,000 kg overhead crane that allows us to be competitive in our sector against our competitors in the metal sheet industry.

The customers’ confidence

We can trust the loyalty of our customers, some of whom have worked for more than 40 years with our metal sheet plant. Thanks to these, we are expanding our experience in the sector and remain always faithful to the professionalism that allows us to take on each of our jobs. This has been our guarantee in these 50 years of experience and we will invest to ensure it is our future for another 50 years more.

Josep Maria de Segarra, 25

08210 Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona