Metalser metallurgical metal sheet services

Metalser was created 50 years ago to work at the service of the metallurgy industry. From the very start, we focused on the area of metalworking for industry and household. We currently offer the following list of services:

Metal Sheet Plant

Metal Sheet Services

Folding jobs

Jobs in industrial warehouse

TIG welding in aluminium

MIG welding in aluminium

Jobs in industrial warehouse

Jobs on site

Metalwork service

Structure maintenance

Machinery repair

Project codesign

Development helpdesk

Outsourcing service on customer premises

Metal structures

Storage structures

Machined benches


Structures for packing chains

Structures for baking machinery

Structures for meat processes

Structures for labelling chains

Structures for pharmaceutical companies

Industrial machinery

Industrial machinery

Industrial machinery

Machinery for the textile industry

Machinery for the food industry

Machinery for the pharmaceutical industry


Craft metalwork

Industrial metalwork

Domestic metalwork

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08210 Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona